Miguel Ibarra

Texas born Hustler. New York based Designer/Illustrator. Part-time Humble gent, Full-time Maintainer.

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Fly Beat Mixing, Print Making, Picture Taking, Wheat Pasting Ninja

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Christian Cardenas

El Paso based multimedia artist.

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Zeque Penya

Magic & Medicine. Get your Optical Remedies and Visual Medicine. Pataphysique Revolutionist.

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Tim Razo

My name is Tim Razo and I’m a southwestern multimedia artist based out of El Paso, Texas. I’ve been producing professional illustrations,...

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Tim Razo
Deena Mustin

Deena is an Illustrator based in El Chuco. She brings this cities cultura into her finely crafted work.

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Eureka The Butcher

All fresh. All original. Come one, come all to the beat circus. Get your rotten candy and speaker smashers fresh off the chopping block.

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Maintain Coalition

For more info on how to reach the Maintain Coalition, email us at: Holler@main-tain.com

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Jason Lucero

Jason Lucero is a painter and a climber. He takes inspiration from food, mountains and human interaction.

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Julian Quiambao

Juls is an all-around Camera Cassanova. Director of Photography, Director, Photographer, and can do any other job in the film industry. No joke.

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Poe spends most of his waking hours growing his beard. He aims to challenge his doppelganger, Pony, but there can be only one Highlander.

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Andrew Joseph

Andrew smokes art like meth. He is a photographer, videographer, and documentarian for our border region and coaltion.

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Born and raised in El Paso Texas, Eric Ibarra, aka Dj Blis has been djing house music for over a decade.

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Ed Chálace

Ed Chálace has an apportioning feeling to control the sound system and moment under one roof, this is his 13th year in the making with a particular...

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System A

System.A is beat producer and Disc Jockey. He makes sounds with his hands and fingers. And lately finds inspiration in the weather and water bears.

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Sunday 01 June, 2014

Neon Desert 2014


Here s what went down during this years Neon Desert Festival Live Art Zone, now a two day event. Such a great time painting outside with a great...

Monday 10 March, 2014

Articulo 39


Articulo 39 Installation in Cd. Juárez during International Woman’s Day for the Un Toque Femenino event hosted by Batallones Femeninos KF

Wednesday 13 November, 2013



More progress at the Maintain Frontier Wall with EXIST1981 painting patterns and shapes with his trademark face that follows you everywhere you go. E...

Tuesday 15 October, 2013

El Sol 25 x Maintain


El Sol 25 Maintain mural | E 4th Ave & Coles St off Paisano all in a daze work ~  El Sol 25 MAINTAIN mural EP from Julian Quiambao on Vimeo.

Monday 14 October, 2013

Maintain Love


Maintain Love | Print collaboration with Brooklyn based street artist El Sol 25. The Labor of Love Letters series plays with colloquial language and...

Monday 23 September, 2013

Maintain Exposición


A few shots from the show. Video uploaded soon ~ Maintain Creative Coalition invites you to view new works in various mediums including Paint, Print,...